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South African based company

Manufacturers of PTFE Products in South Africa, and supplying the Local market and the entire African Continent.

PTFE Extruded Rod

PTFE Extruded Rod is now manufactured here at CIP

PTFE Rod is known as having the lowest co-efficient of friction of any solid material and is extremely effective operating at extremely high and low temperatures.

What is PTFE?

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fluorocarbon resins represent one of the most versatile products lines ever to emerge from Du Pont laboratories. From Exotic space-age applications to molded parts and wire and cable insulation to its consumer use as a coating for cookware, PTFE has fulfilled a wide variety of roles in its 40-year history.

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Thin Wall Tubing


  • Fluid Handling
  • Friction
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Isolation

Industry Uses:

  • Drug and Food
  • Dairy
  • Chemical Plants
  • Platinum Industry
  • Chemical Dozing Equipment

C.I.P. is a sole supplier of P.T.F.E. tubing to the industry, our expertize places us in a unique position to take care of our clients needs effectively.


  • The service pressure applied is ussually estimated as 1/3 of the burst pressure given in the charts.
  • Influence of temperature on pressure resistance:
    23°C: 100%
    50°C: 50%
    100°C: 35%
    150°C 30%
    200°C 10%

Given in % of the pressure resistance at 23°C

Thin Wall Tubing (PTFE) Convoluted Tube (PTFE)
FEP Tubing PFA Tubing

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